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Inquiring Minds, Independent Thinkers 
To inspire pupils' curiosity about our world and facilitate their acquisition of scientific knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes so that they may become effective participants in a knowledge-based economy. 


  1. Facilitate pupils' acquisition of scientific knowledge and understanding so that pupils may: 
    • appreciate its applicability and impact in everyday life
    • become confident citizens in a technological world, able to use scientific knowledge to make practical and ethical decisions
  2. Develop the following abilities and skills so that pupils will be effective in a knowledge-based economy:
    • logical and critical-thinking and problem solving
    • use of the scientific method to plan and carry out investigations
    • effective communication
    • efficient and safe laboratory practice
  3. Cultivate relevant attitudes in pupils such as:
    • intergrity
    • objectivity
    • interest and curiosity in Science
    • concern for accuracy
    • concern for the environment

Science Department Formal.jpg

Front row from left to right: 
Mr Syed Ali Bin Mohamed Alhabshee(ST/Science), Mdm Soo Woon Siew, Mdm Goh Sok Fern (HOD/Science), Mdm Nur Dianah Bte Jailani (SH/Chemistry), Mrs Tan Cailing

Second row from left to right:
Mdm Ho Shwu Huey, Mdm Jumidah Bte Mohamed Shariff, Mr Ng Jun Wei, Mr Muhammad Fahmi B Mohd Abdoh, Ms Ivy Nyam Lee Chin (Biology Coordinator), Ms Lieu Xiaohui (Chemistry Coordinator), Ms Lim Shi Lei, Ms Melissa Manuela Rama Shan, Ms See Ai Xin, Alliot, Mdm Nadia Bte Eddy Razali, Mrs Chua-Lim Siew Eng Wendy, Mr Ng Zheng Yang

Not in photo:
Ms Eliza Tan Li Tse, Mr Kamis Bin Abu Bakar, Mr Chia Sen Kai Lawrence

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