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Mid-Year Examination for Sec 1 to 5
The Mid-Year Examination is scheduled from 30 April to 10 May. 11 May is scheduled as Marking Day and all students are not required to report to school. Click Read More to view exam timetable.
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Subjects Options Briefing for Sec 2
Click on Read More to view briefing slides shared with parents and students on 23 March 2018.
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Student Learning Space
All students will be activating the Student Learning Space (SLS) accounts in the computer labs from 27 Mar to 6 Apr. Click Read More to view Letter to Parents.
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Official School Dismissal Time
The official school dismissal from Mon to Thur is at 150pm, Fri at 1240pm. On Mon and Thur, students having lesson after 150pm will continue with their curriculum time.
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