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Students' Reflections

Green Garden

Goh Zhixian, 1D

The Westwood Green Garden helped me to learn that I need to be responsible in the tasks that I am given. When I saw my fellow peers sitting around and enjoying the atmosphere around the garden, I felt very happy and relieved because they appreciated what the Environmental Champions have done for the garden.

The Westwood Green Garden helped me to learn how to cultivate and nourish different plants. I also learnt about the life stages of worms and I really enjoyed it. When I was tasked to rearrange the garden, it made me feel significant as I was helping out the school and making a difference. Whenever I walk past the garden and see other students enjoying and appreciating the garden, I felt happy that with our hard efforts, the plants were growing healthily. 

Tray Return 

Sec 3 HCL students

1) I think this experience for me is a kind of test, especially of my guts. I do not always express the courage to express freely as I do care about how others perceive me. Thus, every time I am in the company of friends, teachers, even relatives, I am always cautious, for fear of offending them. The project of tray return requires communication with strangers which makes it more stressful. Due to this experience, I have learned to be a little more brave. Through this experience, I learned to take the initiative to open up and talk to people. While this may be considered an easy move, but for me, I feel very proud to be able to finally have a dialogue with strangers.

2) I personally feel that this is a very meaningful programme. This gives us student a rare opportunity to communicate with the crowd and implant the beauty of returning tray to the teenagers. As Singaporeans, we all have equal responsibility to keep our Singapore a garden city. This tray return programme will help to keep our Singapore a beautiful and gracious city and hence uphold the name of garden city. If there is another chance to join this event, I would be more than willing to do so.