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CCE Lessons

Sec 1

For Sec 1 CCE package for litter-free, the objectives are to ensure students are able to state that littering causes a lot of inconvenience to   the society and identify ways to make a conscientious effort to keep the environment clean. Students will also been given time to create a poster to spread awareness of a litter-free environment. They can use their creativity to create the posters.

Sec 2

The Secondary Two students participated in the 3Rs; reduce, reuse and recycle lesson package during In-Touch and Home@Westwood. During the two lessons, they brainstormed the meanings of reduce, reuse and recycle (we also introduced the term ‘upcycle’). The lesson then focused on recycling; what we commonly recycle, in particular paper, and the benefits and effects of recycling paper. Students were then tasked to ‘upcycle’ paper by using newspapers, magazines and any other used paper to create a ‘Homework for Absentees’ box and another box to place used paper in the classroom. Students had to cut strips of their paper products and roll them so as to create the boxes. The aim of teaching students to ‘upcycle’ paper was to cultivate their innovation and entrepreneurship skills by coming up with creative ideas of used products and creating them into something useful. Students had a lot of fun creating these boxes together as a class effort and it helped them to bond even more.

Sec 3

For Sec 3 CCE lesson on energy efficiency, there are two parts to this lesson.  In the first part, students will gain knowledge about the importance of energy efficiency, especially in Singapore where there is no significant energy resources. Singapore depends on imports of oil and natural gas to meet energy needs which place Singapore at risk of unpredictable supply disruptions. Students will also get to design a building / area in community where alternative energy sources can be used.   

In the second part of the lesson, students are to discuss ways to conserve energy through a list of survey questions. The students will have to construct a mindmap to brainstorm ideas or ways to help conserving energy in school. 

Sec 4

For the Sec 4 CCE package for clean air. Students will gain knowledge of both outdoor and indoor air qualities.  The first part of this lesson package targets on the understanding of outdoor air quality where students will learn of air quality in Singapore, the basic sources of air pollution, along with the overview of how air pollution affects our health and our environment through a hands-on activity.  In the second part of the lesson package, students will gain a better understanding of indoor air quality and work collaboratively to identify ways in which they can reduce indoor or outdoor pollution and present their work in the form of a skit.