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Environmental Education

Environmental Education Committee

The Environmental Education Committee in Westwood Secondary School was formed back in 2012 by students and teachers who were passionate about saving the environment. Within a span of five years, the Environmental Education Committee stepped up its programmes to impact students at the school-wide level. As part of school’s concerted effort in creating awareness, Westwood’s Environmental Education Committee designed its very own CCE lesson package in 2014.


Westwood Secondary School is committed to nurture its staff to assume an active role in the caring and protection of our environment and to be a role-model to our students in our environmentally-friendly habits.  

Teachers will:
  • use double-sided printing whenever possible.
  • use smaller font size such as Times New Roman size 11 or Arial size 10 when printing notes for students.
  • maximise the use of each paper by setting the pages of documents to have more narrow margins. 
  • assign online assignments to students whenever possible instead of printing and giving out hard-copy assignments.
  • recycle both one-sided and double-sided papers as well as plastic bottles and aluminium drink cans.
  • reuse recycled papers which are printed on one side for non-essential documents.
  • reduce the use of disposables such as plastic utensils, disposable chopsticks and Styrofoam boxes for packing of food. 
  • leave the school by 5.30 pm once a month on the school’s designated Green Day to reduce electricity consumption.
  • set the air-conditioner temperature at the energy saving temperature of 25 °C.
  • switch off all laptops and other electronic devices before leaving the school.
  • ensure that laptops are not left on charging mode unnecessarily.
  • adopt one tree as a department and nurture and care for the tree.