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Values in Action


Nurture Westwoodians to become socially responsible and concerned citizens who will: 
  • show care and concern for others,
  • demonstrate an interest in and contribute to the community at large, and
  • play a part to improve the community and nation.


All Westwoodians go through a 4-year VIA programme that is carefully designed to address three key student developmental domains - cognitive, affective and behavioural, in short, Head, Heart and Hands (HHH).  The school deploys the HHH approach to generate awareness of community issues, building from simple to complex, and help students understand their role in the world. Through experiential learning, students learn and acquire essential knowledge and skills.  Activities are carefully constructed by teachers to enable a high level of knowledge retention and application to new issues. 

VIA activities are organised at different levels, ranging from class to inter-House to school-wide. It is also carefully integrated into CCA. Values inculcation, primarily anchored by Character and Citizenship Education, helps to reinforce the importance of showing care and compassion to others. An important vehicle/platform that VIA has leveraged is the school’s Applied Learning Programme – Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship where students are exposed to different social causes and work collaboratively in developing innovative solutions to bring about improved results. 

Values in Action.jpeg
Sec 2 students interacting with elderlies at 
SASCO Integrated Eldercare Centre
Values in Action2.jpg
Making of 15,000 loom bands for a good cause
2014 Community Project with 
Hong Kah North CC