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Student Development Team

Role of the Westwood Student Development Team 

The Westwood Student Development Team oversees the design and delivery of a holistic learning experience that all students undergo throughout their 4/5 years of education in Westwood. Its key role is to enhance the quality of school experience for Westwoodians, with emphasis on values education and the development of students’ socio-emotional needs.  It begins with Westwoodians undergoing the important transition phase from a primary school environment to a secondary school environment in the first year with Westwood, with incremental exposure and deeper exploration in character and citizenship education, leadership development and post-secondary education.   

Structure of Westwood Student Development Team 

Each level is overseen by a  Year Head/Assistant Year Head who works closely with the Form Teachers of that level to provide socio-emotional support for students. The Year Head/Assistant Year Head also partners the CCE Coordinators and Level Discipline Master/Mistress to work with all staff on the use of Restorative Practice to establish and maintain positive relationships with their students.