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Student Development Team

Role of the Westwood Student Development Team 

The Westwood Student Development Team oversees the design and delivery of a holistic learning experience that all students undergo throughout their 4/5 years of education in Westwood. Its key role is to enhance the quality of school experience for Westwoodians, with emphasis on values education and the development of students’ socio-emotional needs.  It begins with Westwoodians undergoing the important transition phase from a primary school environment to a secondary school environment in the first year with Westwood, with incremental exposure and deeper exploration in character and citizenship education, leadership development and post-secondary education.   

Structure of Westwood Student Development Team 

Each level is overseen by an Assistant Year Head/Level Coordinator who works closely with the Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers of that level to provide socio-emotional support for students. The Assistant Year Head/Level Coordinator also partners the CCE Coordinators and Level Discipline Master/Mistress to work with all staff on the use of Restorative Practice to establish and maintain positive relationships with their students.

The following table depicts the structure of the 2020 Student Development Team: 
SDT Org Chart.jpeg

student development team 2.jpg

First row from left to right:
Mdm Soo Woon Siew, Ms Tan Ming Ming, Mr Elijah Chai, Mrs Diana Kang, Mr Abdul Harris Bin Sumardi, Mr Kong Chee Chiew

Second row from left to right:
Mr Khong Ming Kit Delvin, Mr Mohd Jafrey Bin Jamal, Mr Muhammad Danial Afiq Bin Zainal Abidin Amarican, Mdm Nur Rakeezah Bte Abdul Rahim, Ms Maria Marzuki, Ms Nurul Atika Bte Ramli, Mr Yeo Cher How, Mr Kannan s/o Kalidasan, Mr Huang Kai Sen Clement