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Learning for Life Programme


Nur Aqasha Bin Roslan from Class 2H, was awarded Top 5 with his original song titled ‘Darkest Times’ in the Lower Secondary Category. It is his personal story about how he was able to overcome challenges he had faced in his Primary School. He hopes that this song will encourage the audience to display resilience when faced with obstacles in life. 

Here is his write-up about the song: 
“Even when times are tough, we should hang in there and not give up, but continue to have hope that everything will be alright eventually. Talking to someone, be it an adult or a close friend, really helps!”  ~Nur Aqasha Bin Roslan


In this year’s Singapore Youth Festival, Flexible Band, Drama and Guitar Ensemble had achieved Certificate of Accomplishment while Dance had achieved Certificate of Distinction. Congratulations to all!


Singapore Band (Solo) Virtual Championships 2021

Seven students from the Concert Band participated in the Singapore Band (Solo) Virtual Championships 2021 organised by The Band Director's Association in September 2021. Many schools participated in the competition and we are proud to announce that three of our students achieved the GOLD award while four of them achieved the SILVER award! Two of our students also achieved the MOST OUTSTANDING award for scoring the highest GOLD in their respective categories! You can click on the respective links to view their solo performance. 

Tuba - Chow Gin Yen (Class 3G)
GOLD & Most Outstanding Award with a score of 88%) 

Euphonium - Kan Xieu Yong, Shaun (Class 3D) 
GOLD & Most Outstanding Award with a score of 86%) 

Trombone - Kayser Mok Ji Kai (Class 3B)
GOLD with a score of 83%

Trombone - Jolyn Wong See Yan (Class 3F) 
SILVER with a score of 74%

Clarinet - Yap Kyler (Class 3C) 
SILVER with a score of 73%

Saxophone - Loo Jun Cheng Reagan (Class 2C)
SILVER with a score of 78%

Trumpet - Ng Boqian, Bergen (Class 2C) 
SILVER with a score of 71%) 

The results was also published on the Band Director's Association Facebook page.