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Niche Programmes

In line with the Westwood Student Development Framework that places great emphasis on student-centricity and values-drive education, Westwood offers two niche programmes to provide students with a broad and deep foundation for a lifelong journey of self-directed learning. These niche programmes are:
  • Applied Learning Programme (ALP) – Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (ISE)
  • Learning for Life Programme (LLP) – Arts for Life!


The general objectives of the niche programmes are as follows:
  • Deepen character, values, skills, positive attitudes and 21st century competencies 
  • Develop appreciation for the relevance and value of academic learning
  • Bring Arts to the community
  • Develop stronger motivation and sense of purpose in the journey of knowledge and skills acquisition
  • Develop a sense of rootedness and responsibility for the community


Applied Learning: ISE is a school-wide programme that involves explicit teaching with close connection to real life experiences.  It includes application into practice that emphasises and reinforces the relevance of what is being learnt in the classroom in the ‘real world’, giving students a sense of purpose and reality in what they are learning, touching their HEARTs and HEADs and active participation through their HANDs. At lower secondary, each level is assigned to explore a particular social cause while upper secondary students are allowed to explore any social cause that resonates with them, which could range from the school to global level.  The school adopts Design Thinking as the problem solving approach where students work collaboratively under the facilitation of Form and Co-Form Teachers to research, brainstorm, design and co-create innovative solutions with the intent to address people’s needs. 

Learning for Life: Through “Arts for Life!”, the school hopes to provide for an informed and life-long appreciation of the Arts - Visual Art and Design, and Music and Performing Arts.  Students are exposed to various art forms to instil an inquiring mind and develop a spirit of experimentation. The 3-tier programme ensures all students go through a broad-based programme ranging from digital media, theatre studies to music and dance.  Level 2 and 3 involve the delivery of customised programmes that are targeted at students who exhibit an inclination for specific art forms where they are provided with opportunities and platforms to hone specific artistic skills and bring arts to the community.