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Show Choir


  • To develop students’ confidence in self-expression through elements of singing, dancing and acting  
  • To build forward-thinking through innovative and creative freedom of expression  
  • To foster a strong sense of belonging and teamwork   
  • To broaden students’ perspectives through repertoire from different cultures and genres 

Teachers in-charge

  • Mdm You Chow Ling (TIC)
  • Mr Mohammad Redzuan Bin Jaafar
  • Mdm Tang Tai-Chi
  • Ms Insyirah

Training days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday  3:00pm - 6:00pm MRL / Dance Studio
Friday 2:30pm - 5:30pmMRL / Dance Studio

cca Achievement 

2019Platinum Award for Show Choir Festival B-Dazzled 2019
2018 Diamond Award for Show Choir Festival B-Dazzled 2018
2017 Platinum Award for Show Choir Festival B-Dazzled 2017

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month Objectives of Programme / Event
CCA Fair
Secondary 1 Orientation


The choir is fully prepared to ‘charm’ potential sec 1 members with an extensive Show Choir program that encompasses singing, dancing and acting elements.

Sec 1 Welcome Tea February The choir welcomes our new babies into this big family with bonding activities such as games, singing and food. This is to make sure that our sec 1s feel at home with us and are ready to be integrated into this new environment. 
Choir Farewell (POP)
MarchThe juniors will now say goodbye to their seniors in a day of games, food and farewell speeches and performances to celebrate their camaraderie.
SYF (Choir)TBCSYF is a bi-annual competition where all secondary school choirs in Singapore will participate in. This is the first year the Westwood Show Choir is going to participate in SYF since our conversion from traditional choir to a show choir. We look forward to bringing some show choir elements into SYF this year.
School exchange with participating schools of Show Choir Festival B-Dazzled! 2021
TBCTo allow the students the opportunity to showcase their competition piece in front of an audience before the actual competition and to expose them to what the other Show Choirs items are like, especially since they will not get to watch others’ performances during the competition.
Show Choir Festival B-Dazzled! (2021) TBCTo showcase the fruit of our labor for the first half of the year and as an opportunity for our students to perform on a big stage in an indoor theatre, our show choristers will be attending the annual Show Choir Festival Competition this year to gain further insight on competitive singing and dancing. 
Choir Camp October/NovemberThe camp aims to hone every member’s singing, dancing, and acting skills through focused rehearsals. With the planning of the executive committee, fellow members learn to be relational leaders by bonding through various interactive games and activities. Choristers will have their stamina put to the test, but this rigorous training immerses students in a fun and intensive experience on the way to becoming all rounded performers.