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Guitar Ensemble


  • To cultivate a love and passion for performing arts.
  • To provide platforms for students to perform and showcase their guitar playing skill through public performances.
  • To build confidence and showmanship skills in public performance.
  • To develop members to be a good team player and develop leadership skills.
  • To nurture members to become informed audiences for arts.

Teachers in-charge

  • Mdm Ho Shwu Huey (TIC)
  • Mrs Lee-Soh Hong Ngo 
  • Ms Siti Mahmudah Binte Mohd Omar

Training days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:00pm - 6:00pm Guitar Room / Classroom 
Friday 2:00pm - 5:00pm Guitar Room / Classroom 

cca Achievements 

2017SYF Arts Presentation 2017 – Certificate of Distinction
2015SYF Arts Presentation 2015 – Certificate of Distinction
2013SYF Arts Presentation 2013 – Certificate of Distinction

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month Objectives of Programme / Event
CCA Fair Jan

To showcase the Guitar Ensemble and to attract the Sec 1s by performing various pieces. A booth is also set-up where members will have a sing-a-long session and allow the Sec 1s to have a feel on how guitar is being played.

Workshop with Mr. Touro Kobayashi from JapanMar The four hours workshop allows the students to get valuable feedback on how to improve on the articulation and dynamics on the set piece for their Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Competition.

Exchange with other school Guitar Ensemble
MarBuilding up to the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF), the Guitar Ensemble will be going on exchange with other schools to share good practices and techniques on how to improve their individual playing.
2019 Singapore Youth Festival At School of the Arts (SOTA)  AprThe Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is an annual event organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the achievements of our youths in their co-curricular activities (CCAs). Starting in April and culminating in a month-long celebration in July, the SYF will engage students from schools across Singapore involved in the performing arts, sports and uniformed group CCAs. 
Values-in-Action (VIA) ProjectsSemester 2The Guitar Ensemble will be embarking in various VIA projects to give back to the community. Thus, our members will develop a sense of ownerships over how they contribute to the community.
Annual Bonding & Training Camp Oct / Nov

The annual camp is held during the Year-End holiday so as
  • to forge a stronger relationship and bondingamong the students from sec 1 – sec 3 through fun and games. 
  • to provide opportunity to the sec 3s to practice their leadership skills by empowering them to plan and run activities themselves. 
  • to nurture and identify potential leaders and provide them with the necessary skills for future appointment in guitar.

Guitar Ensemble Leadership Camp (organized by CCAB) NovSelected student leaders will attend a nationwide leadership camp for them to

  • Be trained in Basic Conducting, Classical Guitar Technique, Rehearsal
  • Learn techniques, Score Reading and Body Percussion
  • Know how to conduct student-led ensemble practice sessions

Preparation for CCA Fair 2020 – Introduction of new songs
Sept – Dec Preparation for the CCA Fair for the following year.