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St John's Brigade


  • To imbue cadets with values for the works of humanity and charity for the relief of distress, suffering, sickness and danger without any distinction as to race, class or creed.
  • To render aid to the sick, wounded, disabled or suffering. 
  • To promote readiness for such services in time of peace, so that it may be available immediately in times of emergency.

Teachers In-Charge

  • Ms Farhana Bte Mokhtar (TIC)
  • Ms Low Ying Si, Eliza
  • Ms Priyanka Chakraborty

Training Days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday     3:00pm - 6:00pmSJB Room / Basketball Court / Classroom / Quadrangle
Friday 2:00pm - 5:00pmSJB Room / Basketball Court / Classroom / Quadrangle 

cca Achievements 

  • Corp Achievement Award (GOLD)
  • Inter Uniformed Groups Footdrill Competition (1st Runner Up)
  • St John Chief Commissioner’s Badge 2018 Recipients
    • Eu Kai Jie Louis, 4B
    • Galen Tan Yi Hung, 4C 
    • Koh Ji Lin, 4B 
    • Koh Yong Wang, Eri Hendrainto, 4F 
    • Marliyana Bte Zahari, 4F 
    • Nadya Shakira Bte Yusli, 4E 
    • Selina U Miao Quan, 4F 
    • Woon Jia Xuan, Venetia, 4F 
    • Hamshirah Bte Hamzah, 4C 
    • Sew Wen Jing, 4C 
  • Inter-Corps First Aid & Home Nursing Competition Nursing Adult Category (2nd Runner Up)
  • Corp Achievement Award (GOLD) 
  • Inter Uniformed Groups Footdrill Competition (1st) 
  •  Inter-Corps First Aid & Home Nursing Competition Nursing Cadet Category (2nd Runner Up) 
  • Inter-Corps First Aid & Home Nursing Competition Nursing Adult Category (2nd Runner Up) 
  •  Inter-Corps First Aid & Home Nursing Competition Ambulance Cadet Category (Best in Footdrill)
  • Corp Achievement Award (GOLD)
  • Inter Uniformed Groups Footdrill Competition (1st)

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month OBJECTIVES OF PROGRAMME / EVENT
First Aid On-going
Cadets will learn basic and advanced first-aid such as cleaning wounds, bandaging wounds, helping choking victims, CPR and AED, as well as transporting casualty so as to provide first-aid support when necessary.
Foot Drill
Cadets learn stationary and movement foot drills to build discipline and resilience as well as to foster corps spirit
Home Nursing
Cadets learn about specific skills involved in home nursing and the provision of care such as bed-making, techniques of giving medication as well as food and nutrition.
Cadet Proficiency Badge Courses/ Activities On-going  Cadet Proficiency Badge Scheme (CPBS) was introduced to encourage our cadet members to develop their personal skills and knowledge besides complementing the first aid, home nursing and footdrill that training members undergo during weekly parades/meetings. CPBS is divided into 4 different groups which are Welfare & Service, Outdoor Activities, Skills & Hobbies and General. 
CCA Rercruitment Drive 12 Jan An annual school level project, the ownership is on the cadets and the cadet leaders where they are tasked to prepare a recruitment drive and showcase SJB to the Secondary 1 students. Cadets will learn about event management and various soft skills involved in organising and executing an event.
Cross Country (First Aider Duty) 22 Feb Selected Secondary 2-4 cadets will be given the opportunity to put the first-aid skills that they have learnt to good use in authentic situations. 
Flag Day
2 Mar An annual HQ event, cadets are involved to raise funds for the corps and the Brigade which is a voluntary organization. Through this community involvement project, cadets build up their confidence and communication skills by venturing out into the public. 
Basic Cardiac Life Support Course TBC The Basic Cardiac Life Support Course equips Secondary 3 students with knowledge and skills for basic cardiac life support. 
CPR + AED Course  TBC  Secondary 2 students will be equipped with the necessary life-saving skills and confidence to respond during cardiac emergencies.  
WWSJ Promotion and Passing Out Parade 27 Mar A ceremony where Sec 2-3 cadets are promoted and Sec 4-5 cadets step down from the CCA. 
First Aid Competition (Zone Level)  30 Mar Cadets from schools in Zone 3 & 4 will interact and pit their first aid and home nursing knowledge against each other to represent the zone at national level.
National Inter-Schools Cross Country Championships (First Aider Duty) 10 AprSecondary 2-4 cadets will be given the opportunity to put the first-aid skills that they have learnt to good use in authentic situations.
Sports Day (First Aider Duty) 18 Apr Secondary 2-4 cadets will be given the opportunity to put the first-aid skills that they have learnt to good use in authentic situations.  
School National Day Parade Contingent Training May-Aug National Day Parade 2019 combined rehearsals with all Uniformed Groups. 
Basic Non-Commissioned Officers (BNCO) Camp and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers (ANCO) Camp (zone level) TBC 
The BNCO camp aims to coach Secondary One cadets in basic foundational foot drill and first aid skills. The camp will also incorporate badge courses such as Hiking, Map-reading, Community Song, and Total Defence (Bronze) for cadets to widen their repertoire of skills as part of their holistic development. 

The ANCO course is part of the requirements for cadets to be appointed as Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers. Cadets will learn skills that will be useful as they would be preparing to take on leadership roles in t
he Corp after graduating from this course. 
Annual St John Brigade Day  5 JulAn important day of commemoration, cadets reflect on the values and purpose of their roles as first-aiders. 
St John Award Ceremony 13 Jul In recognition to the achievement of the Brigade, Corps will receive their Corp Achievement award and qualified cadets of the Cadet Proficiency Badge Criteria will be awarded the Chief Commissioner's badge. 
Annual First Aid/Nursing Re-examination  27 Jul Cadets will go through examinations. Successful candidates will obtain their basic first-aid / advanced first-aid certificate  
Basic Home Nursing Course TBCSelected students will attend a course to improve their home nursing skills 
SJAB Walkathon Day
19 Oct
This annual HQ event encourages a healthy lifestyle. All cadets are mobilised to walk and raise funds for the Brigade
Remembrance Day 10 NovSJB cadets will attend a memorial service to pay tribute to those who gave their lives during World War II. 
Hospital Duty (NUH, CGH, TTSH, SGH) Nov - Dec
Selected cadets are sent on an attachment to hospitals to observe and learn more about nursing and health care. This exposure to authentic situations will help cadets to improve their nursing and first aid knowledge.