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National Police Cadet Corps


  • To develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe. 
  • To develop our members into leaders with character and values.


  • Mr Muhammad Fahmi Bin Mohd Abdoh (TIC)
  • Ms Alliot See Ai Xin 
  • Ms Julitta Chia Meng You

Training Days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:00pm - 6:00pm NPCC room / Quadrangle, Area behind canteen
Friday2:30pm - 5:30pm NPCC room /Quadrangle, Area behind canteen




Unit Overall Proficiency Award (Silver)


NPCC Challenge Shield

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month OBJECTIVES OF PROGRAMME / EVENT
Muster Parade
3 Jan, 23 Mar, 3 Aug, 12 SeptTo award the cadets with ranks and/or badges and celebrate the cadets’ achievements.
CCA Fair  6 Jan To showcase the unit’s activities so that the Secondary 1 students may make an informed decision on whether to join NPCC
Unarmed Tactics (Secondary 2)
18 Jan
To equip cadets with basic self-defence skills used by the Police when interacting with potentially aggressive people
Campcraft Competition
27 Jan (boys) ,
3 Feb (girls)
To provide cadets with an opportunity to hone their campcraft skills while working in teams
Crime Prevention
(Secondary 1) 
9 FebTo teach cadets the importance of crime prevention and the concept of self-help to prevent crimes 
Total Defence Badges 9 Feb
(sec 1 and sec 3),
31 May (sec 2) 
To promote awareness of, and involvement in, Total Defence among cadets 
Crime Scene Investigation 28 Feb (sec 1) , 2 Mar (sec 2) To teach cadets the science, skills and processes involved in gathering evidence from a scene to solve a crime 
Non-Commissioned Officers Camp (Secondary 3) 
Mar HolidayTo prepare incoming cadet leaders for their roles in leading the unit 
.22 Revolver Dry Shoot 21 Mar (sec 3),
TBC (sec 2) 
To equip cadets with basic revolver handling skills in order to be able to participate in the actual shoot 
Visit to Neighbourhood Police Centre (Secondary 2) 
4 AprTo provide cadets insight to the activities that go on inside a neighbourhood police centre 
.22 Revolver Classification Shoot (Secondary 3) 
5 Apr To provide cadets with the experience of firing a revolver with live bullets 
Visit to Police Heritage Centre (Secondary 1)
18 May To show cadets the history of the police and the key events in history in which the police played vital roles. 
Police Procedures (Secondary 1) and Basic Law (Secondary 2) 
21 May, 24 May To to equip cadets with relevant knowledge on crime cases which students are more likely encounter, to cultivate in them a strong sense of respect for the law, and to instill a sense of responsibility in upholding the law 
Annual Camp30 May - 1 JunTo foster camaraderie among the cadets and a sense of belonging to the CCA
Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association Course (Secondary 2) 
22 JunTo increase awareness of the threats of drug abuse, to encourage cadets to understand the importance of drug prevention and to prevent self and others against becoming victims to drug abuse. 
Road Safety Park Marshal Duty
JulTo inculcate and enhance road safety awareness among the cadets and young children 
.22 Revolver Actual Shoot (Secondary 2) 
5 Jul To provide cadets with the experience of firing a revolver with live bullets 
Road Safety Park Marshal Duty5 Jul  To inculcate and enhance road safety awareness among the cadets and young children 
Adventure/Survival Training Camp (sec 2 and sec 3) 13 Jul - 15 JulTo instill discipline and confidence in the cadets as they overcomes numerous challenges
Homefront Security (Secondary 3) 
24 Jul 
To equip cadets with the relevant knowledge as follows:    

Greater awareness on specific threats like chemical, biological and radiological, and its effect on the human body   Skills and knowledge in identifying suspicious persons or items found in public places and transport.    

Public Warning System and Emergency Evacuation Procedures 
CSSP (Secondary 2) 
17 AugTo provide cadets with an opportunity to be active citizens by spreading crime prevention messages to the school 
PYA (Secondary 3) 
17 AugTo provide cadets with an opportunity to be active citizens by spreading crime prevention messages to the community 
Visit to Home Team Gallery (Secondary 3) 
20 Sept To help cadets appreciate the role of the Singapore Police Force as part of a larger effort to maintain the safety and security of Singapore and its people 
Civil Defense (Secondary 2) 
31 Oct This program aims to equip cadets with relevant skills on first aid and firefighting which will be useful in times of emergency 
NPCC Day May
To instill in the cadets loyalty and dedication to the Corps 
Inter-Uniformed Group Drill Competition and National Day Celebrations 8 AugTo provide cadets with a platform to showcase their proficiency in drills in the form of friendly competition 
Swearing In Ceremony (Secondary 1) 
TBC The ceremony welcomes our new members joining the NPCC family and instils a sense of belonging to the Corps 
Leadership and Mentoring Skills Course (LMSC)  TBC
To develop the leadership skills of the cadets, focusing on the following 3 core skills and 3 elective skills in NPCC cadets: 
Core Skills
 1. Leadership
 2. Effective Communication
 3. Team Dynamics  
 Elective Skills
 1. Goal Setting
 2. Lesson Planning
 3. Method of Instructions
Visits to other Police establishments TBCTo expose the cadets the applications of the Police knowledge they gain through the different courses 
Various enrichment activities
TBC To provide cadets with a wide variety of experiences beyond those related to Police work