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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps


“We Learn, We Lead, We Serve”  

  • To develop and empower our members to be active and concerned citizens with life-saving skills, to respond effectively to emergencies at home and abroad.
  • To imbibe an attitude of readiness against adversity and practical skills to become effective ambassadors of Civil Defence.
  • To develop our members into leaders with character and values.

Teachers In-Charge

  • Mr Terrance Lee Jin Han (TIC)
  • Mdm Farhana Bte Mokhtar 
  • Ms Lim Lay Ping

Training Days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday     3:00pm - 5:30pmNCDCC Room / Basketball Court / Classroom / Quadrangle

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month OBJECTIVES OF PROGRAMME / EVENT
First Aid On-going
Cadets will learn basic and advanced first-aid such as cleaning wounds, bandaging wounds, helping choking victims, CPR and AED, as well as transporting casualty so as to provide first-aid support when necessary.
Foot Drill
Cadets learn stationary and movement foot drills to build discipline and resilience as well as to foster corps spirit
Cadet Proficiency Badge Courses/ Activities On-going  NCDCC’s curriculum focuses mainly on the Triangle of Life Skills which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED. These important lifesaving skills can make a difference to save a life in times of needs. Sec 1 to Sec 4 cadets will focus on different badge courses/ activities to encourage them to develop their skills and knowledge besides complementing the first aid and footdrills.
CCA Rercruitment Drive January An annual school-level project, the cadets and the cadet leaders are tasked to prepare a recruitment drive and showcase NCDCC to the Secondary 1 students. Cadets will learn about event management and various soft skills involved in organising and executing an event.
Chingay Parade January (TBC) Combined rehearsal and performance with other organisations and units.
Psychological first aid CourseJanuary (TBC) An advanced specialisation course to impart to our cadets the importance of psychological and mental wellbeing, help them to recognise signs of stress and cope with stress.
Cross Country (First Aider Duty) February (TBC)Selected Secondary 2 - 4 cadets will be applying the first-aid skills that they have learnt to good use in authentic situations.
Dart Base VisitFebruary (TBC)Fire station visit for the cadets to show cadets the history of the Civil Defence and the key events in history in which the firefighters played vital roles.
Precision Drill ChallengeMarch (TBC)Cadets from different schools will interact and pit their drills competency and knowledge against each other. 
NCDCC Promotion and Passing Out ParadeMarchA ceremony where Sec 2-3 cadets are promoted and Sec 4-5 cadets step down from the CCA. 
CPR + AED Course  March-AprilSecondary 2 students will be equipped with the necessary life-saving skills and confidence to respond during cardiac emergencies.  
NCDCC Service Month
AprilAn annual HQ event, cadets are involved in project to advocate Civil Defence skills. Through the project, cadets build up their confidence and communication skills by venturing out into the public.
NCDCC Day Observance CeremonyAprilAn important day of commemoration, cadets reflect on the values and purpose of their roles as the advocators of Civil Defence and to instil in the cadets' loyalty and dedication to the Corps
Sports Day (First Aider Duty)
April (TBC)Secondary 2-4 cadets will be applying the first-aid skills that they have learnt to good use in authentic situations.
School National Day Parade Contingent Training
May - AugustNational Day Parade 2021 combined rehearsals with all Uniformed Groups.
HTC Promotion and Awards Ceremony
SeptemberA ceremony to recognise the achievements of the cadets and promotion of qualified cadets.
Urban Adventure Civil Defence Skills Challenge
OctoberCadets from different schools will interact and pit their Civil Defence  knowledge against each other.
Unit Camp TBCTo instil discipline and confidence in the cadets through the camp programme and activities
Various enrichment activities (e.g. Kayaking etc)
 TBCTo provide cadets with a wide variety of experiences to enrich and support the development of skills, character and values