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National Cadet Corps


  • To nurture inspiring leaders and committed citizens through fun, adventurous and military-related activities.
  • To organise activities in-line with school vision, mission, core values and with NCC core values.


  • Ms Khatijah Bee Bte Syed Abdul Kadir (TIC)
  • Mr Muhammad Fahmi Bin Mohd Abdoh

Training Days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:00pm - 6:00pm NCC Room / Quadrangle / Area behind Blk G

cca Achievement

Year Award
2017Awarded Silver for Best Unit Competition
2016Awarded Silver for Best Unit Competition

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month Objectives of Programme / Event
Inter-UG Foot drill competition Jul To showcase the foot drill skills of the cadets & to build up healthy fighting spirit among all Uniformed Groups.
Junior Cadets Affirmation Ceremony Cum Promotion Ceremony & POP Apr To welcome our new cadets to the Corp & promote our deserving cadets to the next rank. To appreciate the Senior Cadets Leaders for their outstanding contribution to the Westwood NCC. The event will cover Junior Cadets pledging ceremony, followed by Promotion of NCC cadets based on 2014 BUC criteria and observe passing out parade of the Senior Cadet Leaders.
Inter UG Games' Day TBC To promote teamwork and adventure spirit among different Uniformed Groups
Camp Forge TBC To instill the NCC core values and self-discipline in our new Secondary 1 cadets. 
Camp SteelTBCTo develop the character of Secondary 2 cadets by preparing them to become responsible and empathetic leaders. 
Basic Survival Course TBC To provide opportunity for deserving cadets from each Parts to learn a new skill.
Annual NCC Camp Oct An initiative by Part C cadets. To organise and conduct Part A camp instilling school & NCC core values through various activities and courses.
Orienteering Challenge TBC To maintain physical fitness among cadets through fun activities