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Girls' Brigade


  • Every girl a leader
  • Developing each girl to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling
  • Holistic development in physical, educational and social domains

Teachers in-charge 

  • Ms Wee Ai Ting Pearl (TIC)
  • Ms Jenny Wang Jia Ning

Training days

Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:30pm to 5:00pm GB Room / Quadrangle 
Saturday 8:30pm - 12:00pm GB Room / Quadrangle / Classroom


2020Gold Company Award 
 2019Gold Company Award
2018 Bronze Company Award
 2017Silver Company Award
 2016Silver Company Award

Programmes / Events

Name of Programme / Event Date / Month Objectives of Programme / Event
CCA Fair Jan An annual event when the girls get together to plan for innovative publicity materials. It is a time when their eloquence is put to test as they try to persuade their Sec One Juniors to join GB.
Leadership Conference Jan The girls' leadership training with GB HQ will culminate in this advanced leadership conference held for all the girls planning to go for the promotion to the Pioneer Brigadier Brooch.
CNY Party cum Sec 1 welcoming partyFeb This is an annual activity whereby all GB girls, GB officers and teachers-in-charge will gather for a celebration to foster a better relationship within the company.
Enrolment and Dedication Ceremony Apr
One of the most special days for the girls as they will be officially inducted as a new member of GB and be recognised for their good efforts for the past year. The girls get together on this day to celebrate their identity and achievements as a GB girl.
Awards Day Apr This is an event organized by the GB HQ to recognize efforts contributed by teachers, officer and girls.
NCO Training Camp Jun This is the beginning of the series of National level leadership training programmes organised by the GB HQ to equip the girls with basic leadership qualities before their promotion to their Corporals’ Rank or Sergeants’ Rank.
GB Friendship Day  Jul This a major and exciting annual event organized by GB Singapore to share our blessings with the community. Girls will serve and interact the Lonely Elderly Needy Special (LENS) .They will also be befrienders on the day
GB Fortnight  Jul This is a major event organized by GB HQ to teach the girls the value of helping the needy by raising funds over a span of two weeks.
Local Service Learning Projects and Workshop Ad-Hoc
As concerned citizens of Singapore, the girls will actively find out the needs of the less fortunate members of our society and plan projects to help these members.
A series of service learning workshop will be conducted for the girls to prepare them for the projects. This is a good learning platform that the senior girls could mentor and guide the junior girls in planning and executing service projects with the community.
GB Annual CampNovember
This is an annual event that allows the girls to bond together on a deeper level as they play games and activities together. The girls will learn to work together as a team to complete challenges or tasks during the camp.
Workshops and Outdoor Activities Ad-Hoc  Ad-Hoc workshops such as calligraphy, baking lessons and outdoor activities such as Rock Climbing will be organised to provide opportunities for the girls to learn new skills in a fun way. They are conducted in alignment with the GB objectives for the year: Growing Girls, Becoming Leaders.