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  • To produce players who exhibit discipline during training and good sportsmanship during tournaments
  • To instill resilience, perseverance and adaptability among players through different strategies employed in games
  • To groom vibrant student leaders to lead fellow players in trainings and activities

Teachers In-Charge

  • Mr Chew Kechan (TIC)
  • Syarfa'Nur Izyan Binte Roslan 


Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Delta Hockey Pitch / CCAB Pitch
Friday 1:30pm - 4:30pm Delta Hockey Pitch / CCAB Pitch

cca achievements

  1. B’-Division Hockey Bowl Tournament – Champions 
  1.  ‘B’-Division Hockey Bowl Tournament – Champions
  2.  ‘C’-Division Hockey Bowl Tournament – 3rd placing
  1.  ‘C’-Division Hockey Plate Tournament – 3rd placing 
  2.  SHF U-19 Division 3 League – Champions
  3.  Tri-Schools Cup – 2nd placing 


Name of Programme / Event Date / Month OBJECTIVES OF PROGRAMME / EVENT
National Junior League - Under 19 Jan & Feb The main group playing will be the ‘B’ Division boys as they are preparing for their National Schools ‘B’ Division Tournament. It is also to give our boys more exposure and gain experience playing more games.
National Schools 'B' Division Tournament Feb Main tournament of the year for the 'B' Division team.
National Schools 'C' Division 11 aside tournament Jul Second main tournament of the year for the 'C' Division team
SHF Men’s League 5 Jul-Nov A tournament for the students to play against different opponents of different skill levels, which gives them lots of playing experience and exposure.