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  • To produce team members who exhibit teamwork and discipline during CCA training
  • To instill creativity and perseverance among the members through programming and mechanical design used in competitions
  • To groom potential team leaders to guide and lead fellow members in trainings and activities

Teachers In-Charge

  • Mdm Sim Lay Ling (TIC)
  • Mdm Nadia Eddy


Day Time Venue
Wednesday3:00pm - 5:30pm Robotics Room / Computer Lab 3 & 4


Name of Programme / Event Date / Month Objectives of Programme / Event
First Lego League Competition
January - March   This competition introduces science, technology, engineering and math through fun, exciting hands-on learning. Students gain real-world problem solving experience through guided, training robotics program. For members of all levels.
EV3 Basic Training Session March - August This introductory course aims to familiarise our new members with basic skills in constructing and programming a robot. For students with little or no experience in robotics.
EV3 Advanced Training Session April - August The advanced course aims to expand the Upper Secondary members with more complex basic construction skills and programming know how to tackle complicated challenges. For students with basic experience in robotics.
National Robotics Competition September This robotics competition encourages students to develop problem solving skills, entrepreneur skills, creative thinking skills, and team spirit among the participants. For members of all levels.