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  • To provide the school with good AVA support on a daily basis during morning assembly and all school events. 
  • To develop and reinforce the sense of responsibility among AVA members through their involvement in the CCA. 
  • To build confidence and develop leadership qualities in every AVA member.

Teachers In-Charge

  • Ms Loh May - Kay Maria (TIC)
  • Mr Chua Yeow Huat Jeffrey
  • Mr Chia Song Zhe Andy


Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:00pm - 6:00pm School Hall


Name of Programme / Event Date / Month OBJECTIVES OF PROGRAMME / EVENT
AVA Training Camp March holiday Training camp serves to train the secondary 1 students and enhance the skills of the secondary 2 students in handing the equipment. Also at the same time, to train up the students’ bond in the club.
Photography Essentials 101  Term 2/3
Students will learn the basics of photography. The workshop covers three topics:
1) Knowing your camera
2) Basic composition in photography
3) Basic lighting techniques
Creative Photo Edits Term 3 Not creative enough? This workshop will help you enhance your technical skills in making your photographs more interesting. This will also give you tips on how to improve pictures using photo editing software tools, from basic editing color correction, cropping to using advanced modes in photo editing
Stage work and microphone set-up All year round
Audio controls All year round