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  • To provide the school with good AVA support on a daily basis during morning assembly and all school events. 
  • To develop and reinforce the sense of responsibility among AVA members through their involvement in the CCA. 
  • To build confidence and develop leadership qualities in every AVA member.

Teachers In-ChargE

  • Mr Chua Yeow Huat Jeffrey (TIC)
  • Ms Maria Loh May-Kay
  • Mr Lawrence Chia


Day Time Venue
Wednesday 3:00pm - 6:00pm Hall


2021    Honorable Mentioned for ”Our Schools, Our Stories” Photo and Video Contest (Youth Categeory)


Name of Programme / Event Date / Month OBJECTIVES OF PROGRAMME / EVENT
Photography Essentials 101  Term 2/3For the photography programme, through the development of personal projects, critiques, technical instruction and exploration; students will begin to acquire an understanding of what it means to be an image-maker.  The students will also explore techniques that introduce them to fundamental technologies in digital photography.  And manipulating camera elements to take control of the images they produce. 
Videography Essential 101 Term 2/3 Through the videography programme, will gain knowledge of the rules and grammar of video production & presentation as it is a new powerful literacy. The programme will build a strong foundation in the artistic and technical aspects of videography. With the artistic aspect, the primary focus is also for the students to learn the art of telling compelling stories by stretching their imagination and bringing their work to life.  Balancing with the technical aspect, they will hone the craft of videography like directing and video editing.
Stage work and microphone set-up All year round
Audio controls All year round