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Education and Career Guidance


Deepen students’ understanding of self and enhance capacity to relate schooling to different education and career pathways.  By going through four years of ECG activities and programmes, Westwoodians get to:
  • explore the career world, 
  • understand the relevant courses of study, and
  • develop awareness of their skills, interests and values


Westwood designs its ECG programme using the ECG ASPIRE Framework.  ECG programmes and activities are progressive in nature and they come in four levels: 

Level 1: Attitudes and behaviors related to academic achievement
Level 2: Relationships between educational achievement and career planning
Level 3: Career planning skills
Level 4: Decision-making skills in career and education planning

Explicit ECG lessons are delivered via the Home@Westwood platform where both Form and Co-Form Teachers will co-facilitate and engage students in exploration, discussion and action planning. The school conducts learning journeys and visits to Open Houses so that students can find out more about the different courses of study offered by various institutions of higher learning.  The school also organises the Westwood Careers Day and Work Experience Programme to allow students to find out more about the industry that they are interested in directly from industry professionals/practitioners.

To introduce students to possible courses of study in post-secondary education institutions and expose them to possible career paths, the school organises Elective Modules (for Normal Technical and Normal Academic streams) such as Science of Motor Vehicles and Tourism, and Advanced Elective Modules (for Express stream) like Application Science in Forensics and Marketing in Action.

The school also leverages the use of an online portal - ecareers.sg that facilitates education and career development among students. This portal aims to help students discover their identity through awareness, exploration and planning.