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Cyber Wellness


Enable Westwoodians to develop good understanding of the norms of appropriate, respectful and responsible behaviour with regard to the use of technology, and equip them with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes so that they are able to:
  • embrace ICT yet maintain a balanced lifestyle between the physical and cyber world,
  • harness the power of ICT for positive purposes, and
  • protect themselves and other internet users in the cyber world.


The school implements its cyber wellness education through a spiral progression approach to reinforce learning and meet the developmental needs of students.  It conducts a 4-hour cyber wellness module via the Home@Westwood platform for each level every year.  Conducted by Form and Co-Form Teachers, these lessons are delivered using various pedagogies such as games, debates and Circle Time.  The school collaborates with Family Matters@School to conduct workshops for parents to raise awareness of different social media platforms and challenging issues that impact youths in the digital age.  In addition, the school also engages external vendors to put up skit performances and connect with external professional agencies to conduct assembly talks as part of the school-based CCE programme.

The school has put in place the provision of intervention and support to students who might be encountering cyber wellness-related issues and also work with parents of students to help their children in this area.