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Citizenship Education


Equip Westwoodians with knowledge and skills, and build commitment in students towards active and informed citizenship so that they will  
  • reflect on and respond to community, national and global issues,
  • develop socio-cultural sensitivity, 
  • promote social cohesion and harmony, and
  • develop a sense of identity, pride and rootedness to Singapore.


Citizenship Education lessons are delivered via the In-Touch platform which runs on a weekly basis for all levels and streams.  Students could either have classroom lessons where they are engaged in interesting discussions and debates on the latest current issues or attend assembly talks and/or performances.  Students are drawn into meaningful discussions that are facilitated by Form and Co-Form Teachers.  The enriched learning process enables students to develop greater awareness of development within the country and beyond, and gain insights into how issues beyond the shores will have an impact on Singapore and vice versa. 

Skills related to citizenship competencies are internalised and reinforced through activities such as:
  • Educational learning journeys
  • Commemoration of Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day
  • Participating in events on International Friendship Day and National Day 
  • Organising Values in Action projects/events

Many of these activities are planned and organised by the National Education Ambassadors whose leadership skills are put into real practice, and in the course of project/event planning, their capacity and spirit of resilience are built up. 

Citizenship Education.jpg
Performance by Class 2E on Social Defence
Total Defence Day Commemoration
Citizenship Education 2.jpg
Guest speaker Mr Ted Ang sharing his personal experience in the SQ117 hijack