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Character Education

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Instil values in Westwoodians and equip them with essential lifeskills that would enable to them to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness, develop and demonstrate social-emotional strength, and build and maintain positive relationships with others


Character Education lessons are delivered via the Home@Westwood platform which is time-tabled in the formal curriculum, and runs on a weekly basis for all levels and streams.  During the one-hour lesson, both Form and Co-Form Teachers will co-facilitate and engage students in discussions and perspective sharing.  Learning activities are carefully designed to incorporate the use of current affairs, where possible.  Teachers use pedagogies such as Circle Time to engage students in critical thinking, co-constructing ideas, perspective sharing and reflecting on their learning.  The school also engages external vendors to put up performances or conduct assembly talks that are aligned to character education.

External vendors are also engaged to run personal effectiveness workshops to supplement lesson packages prepared by the curriculum team.  Such workshops are organised as a follow up to the school-wide annual student needs survey where class/level needs and expectations are identified and intervention measures are taken to help close the gaps.