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Character & Citizenship Education

Philosophy and Approach

Character & Citizenship Education.pngWith CCE as the cornerstone of development, Westwoodians learn values through perspective taking, moral reasoning, reflection and skills practice, role modelling by teachers, and positive reinforcement during structured and non-structured lesson time and teachable moments.

Values are both taught and caught!  The school puts in place a structured CCE curriculum that encompasses Citizenship Education, Character Education and 3 Guidance modules - Education and Career Guidance, Sexuality Education and Cyber Wellness. There is explicit teaching with knowledge and skills encapsulated in the CCE learning outcomes, and yet at the same time, values are caught when students see values lived out in different learning experiences. The CCE curriculum takes a thematic approach in its curriculum design and programme implementation with the desired outcome of instilling in each Westwoodian strong core values and character. In line with learning for life, the curriculum covers essential knowledge, skills and competencies that are critical to students achieving the level milestones and 4 desired learning and behavioural outcomes identified by Westwood. 

An integral part of the Westwood CCE curriculum is the teaching of Social and Emotional competencies which is essential for appropriate display and demonstration of values by students. As a whole school approach, every Westwood staff member is a CCE teacher, role modelling in leading and upholding the core values.  Rich learning experiences are carefully designed, integrated intentionally and seamlessly into all aspects of student programmes through different platforms in the co-curriculum including the National Education commemorative days, Co-Curricular Activities, Values in Action and Student Leadership for the learning and application of knowledge, skills and values.