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Service Providers

Name of supplier: Shanghai School Uniforms Pte Ltd
Tel Number: 6352 2741
Email: contact@shanghai-uniforms.com
Website: https://shanghai-uniforms.com
Ubi Retail Outlet: 63 Ubi Avenue 1 #04-09 (63 @ Ubi)
The school uniform can be purchased from the school bookshop during term time.

Name of supplier: Pacific Bookstores Pte Ltd
Tel Number: 6794 5296
Opening hours: 730 am to 230 pm (during school term)

Booklists 2023
Please refer to the booklist for details on sales of textbooks and uniform during the school holiday period.

Sec 1: Express        NormalAcad)         Normal(Tech)
Sec 2: Express        Normal(Acad)        Normal(Tech)
Sec 3: Express        Normal(Acad)        Normal(Tech)
Sec 4: Express        Normal(Acad)        Normal(Tech)