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Teaching & Learning

The academic curriculum serves to guide the school in providing quality academic programmes for Westwoodians. It is aligned to the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP) model and Westwood Assessment Policy. Through the academic curriculum, we seek to develop every Westwoodian to be a life-long and self-directed learner.
There is an emphasis on differentiated instruction and Assessment in T&L at Westwood. We adopt differentiation in our instructions and programmes to cater to the different needs of our students. We also believe in providing opportunities for our students to pursue their interests and hone their skills and knowledge learnt in class. These opportunities include offering Advanced Elective Modules (AEM) to our Express students and Elective Modules (EM) to our Normal students amongst other programmes. These programmes are conducted in partnership with tertiary institutions such as polytechnics and through these programmes students learn to apply what they have learnt to real life applications. Students are also offered wider subject options such as Economics and OSIE PE during their Upper Secondary years.

Assessment is a systemic, on-going and iterative process of monitoring one's learning. It provides students, teachers, parents and stakeholders with feedback that not only demonstrates understanding, but also affords opportunities for reflection that improves the inquiry process. In Westwood, we believe in continual learning and thus we have aligned our assessment practices to support continual learning. Students will have the opportunity to do tasks such as reflections, oral presentations, mini-projects and ICT-based assessment besides pen & paper tests as part of Assessment for Learning (AfL). These tasks will provide opportunities for our students to reinforce their learning and hone their knowledge and skills.