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Homework Policy


Definition of Homework

Homework can broadly refer to learning activity that students are required to complete outside the timetabled curriculum and requires follow-up by subject teachers (e.g. marking/grading, feedback, class discussion, presentation etc).

Objectives of Homework
Enables students to:
  • Apply the skills and knowledge learnt in the classroom
  • Consolidate their learning
  • Receive timely feedback to make improvement
  • Realise their responsibility for independent study and strengthen their good study habits and skills such as time management and self-evaluation
Allow teachers to: 
  • Check students' understandings and progress
  • Review effectiveness of lesson
  • Provide timely feedback, intervention and support

Provides parents with:

  • Information on the learning progress of their child
  • Opportunity to be more involved in their child’s learning

Key Considerations of Homework in Westwood
Homework assigned will be purposeful and relevant to the curriculum requirements of the subject as well as the learning needs of students. The homework will engage students in a variety of tasks and may involve the use of ICT. 

Homework load will be monitored and coordinated by teachers to ensure that it is manageable for students in view of school-wide activities, e.g. during level camps and CCA days. As a general guideline, the total daily homework during school term time will not exceed 10 hours per week. For short holidays (March and September), the total homework will not exceed 2 days. For long holidays (June and Nov/Dec), the total homework will not exceed two weeks. 

Roles of the School
The School Management Committee and teachers will work together to review the homework guidelines periodically and support students with teaching and learning strategies and interventions. The school will continue to engage parents on homework matters and provide them with more information pertaining to their child’s learning progress at appropriate junctures. 

Roles of Students
Students are to take ownership of their learning and understand the purpose of homework. Each student needs to keep track of homework instructions and deadlines by noting them down in the Student Handbook. Students need to put in their best effort and manage their time well for homework to be completed and submitted on time. Upon receiving feedback on homework submitted, students should review feedback from teachers and take the appropriate follow-up actions for improvement. 

Roles of Parents
Parents are encouraged to provide a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework, to reinforce good study habits and attitudes in support of their child’s learning. Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the school to discuss and monitor the progress of their child’s/ward’s progress in learning and development.