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Homework Policy


Definition of Homework

Homework is defined as any learning activity that students are required to do outside the timetabled curriculum and requires follow-up by subject teachers (e.g. marking/grading, descriptive feedback, class discussion, presentation etc.)

Objectives of Homework
Enables students to:
  • Apply the skills and knowledge they acquire in the class
  • Consolidate their learning
  • Receive timely feedback to make improvement
  • Realise their responsibility for independent study and strengthen their good study habits and skills such as time management and self-evaluation
Allow teachers to: 
  • Check students' understandings and progress
  • Review effectiveness of lesson
  • Provide timely feedback, intervention and support

Provides parents with:

  • Information on the learning progress of their child
  • Opportunity to be more involved in their child’s learning

Key Considerations of Homework in Westwood
As a guideline, the total daily homework during school term time will not exceed 10 hours per week. For short school holidays (March and September), the total homework will not exceed 2 days. For long school holidays (June and Nov/Dec), the total homework will not exceed two weeks. There will be coordination between teachers to manage the homework load for students. 
The school aims to give purposeful and clearly defined homework which actively involves students and requires thoughtful work. The types of homework, which may involve the use of ICT, varies by level and stream, and is guided by the curriculum needs of the subject, as well as the readiness and capabilities of students. For days where students have CCA, the homework load will be reduced. Teachers would exercise care by giving students extra day to complete homework if they had other school commitments the day before upon student’s request.

Monitoring of homework given using Homework Board in Classroom
Subject teachers and/or representatives will
  1. record homework given for the day on the homework board,
  2. ensure that the amount and deadline of the homework given daily is manageable.