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Useful Links

LINK Description
Singapore Infopedia An electronic encyclopedia on Singapore, by the National Library Board
History Learning SiteContains easy-to-read information. Useful for e-learning and/or self-directed learning
SchoolHistory.co.uk Online resource for Upper Secondary History. Contains games, lesson plans, useful links and ideas for ICT.
BBC History This site is dedicated to bringing history to life, for the casual browser and the total enthusiast.
Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse A great website with colourful cartoons that teaches users about recycling efforts in an imaginary city. For example, users can learn what industries and individials can do to minimize pollution and waste as the click on the different facilities in the city.
General GeographyA site featuring a myriad of information about the wonders on Earth. Includes videos and games.
Geography of FoodThe World Food Programm (WFP) websites provides news and information about operations, policies, publications, appeals and how to help. Includes special reports, questions and answers and video.  A must-read for all graduating pupils offering Geography
Singapore Statistics  National Statistical Authority website provides reliable, relevant and timely statistics to support Singapore’s social and economic development. It is useful for Upper Secondary students to practice their data-reading skills.