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Programmes / Events

Name of Programame / Event Date / Month Objectives of Programme / Event


 NUS Geography Challenge (NUS GC) Term 1/2 Selected Secondary Four students will be given the opportunity to compete with their peers in the NUS Geography Challenge under the guidance of teachers.
Geographical Investigation on tourism in Singapore  Term 2Secondary Four and Five Geography students will be brought to a tourist destination in Singapore. There students will investigate on factors that make the destination attractive to tourists through observation and conducting interviews and/or bipolar surveys.  
Geographical Investigation on public  housing in Singapore  Term 2 Secondary Two Geography students work together in groups to find out about what makes a neighbourhood special to residents and why. They will be visiting the Living space gallery to learn about Singapore's Public Housing Story. Students will then create and conduct interviews to understand more about their neighbourhood.
Geographical Investigation on the Tropical Rainforest  Term 2Secondary One Geography students will be engaged in a Geographical Investigation to learn more about the tropical rainforest at Singapore Botanical Gardens. 
 Geographical Investigation on factors affecting temperature in the school Term 2Secondary Three Geography students will investigate why temperature varies at different locations in the school. This will allow students the opportunity to apply what was learnt in the classroom to real world context. 
Geographical Investigation on beach profiling and coastal management strategies Term 4 Secondary Three Pure Geography students will visit the beach to learn how to do beach profiling and about beach management techniques. 


Historical Investigation on life during the Japanese Occupation Term 1Secondary Two History students will work together in groups to gather and analyse sources to investigate how life was like during the Japanese Occupation.
Istana Heritage Gallery CompetitionTerm 1Secondary One students have the opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage of the Istana. They will engage in various activities at the Istana Heritage Gallery to learn more about its significance to Singapore’s history.
Prove-It Contest Term 3 Secondary Two students have the opportunity to engage in critical thinking to discern online falsehood and misinformation. They will also learn research skills through the engagement of sources provided by National Library Board.
Learning Journey to National Museum of Singapore Term 3
Secondary One History students will engage in a Historical Investigation of colonial Singapore.

 social studies

Social Studies Issues Investigation in school
Term 2 Secondary Three Social Studies students will be investigating social issues arising from having increased diversity in Singapore.

DEPartment achievements

  • Bronze Award for Historical Scenes Investigation
  • Silver and Bronze Awards for NUS Geography Challenge
 2019Top 15% placing in the Preliminary Round for NUS Geography Challenge (Individual Component)
  • Merit Award for Historical Scene Investigation Competition
  • Merit Award for SG StoryMaps Challenge
  • Silver Award for Istana Heritage Gallery Competition
2017Winner of Project Scribe conducted by History Association