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Westwood Bytes

A dynamic multi-modal programme that looks into the holistic development of every Westwoodian.


Grounded Locally and Connected Globally! Westwoodians develop an international outlook through rich learning experiences where they learn more about social issues. This helps them to appreciate the potential impact on society, develop critical thinking skills and enhance their capacity to express views and opinions coherently.  Leveraging this platform, the school delivers its Distinctive Programme - Applied Learning Programme in Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (ISE) where students undergo a developmental curriculum that is integrated into the Academic Curriculum and Values In Action (VIA) programmes. Through collaborative learning, students identify social issues/concerns, develop innovative solutions to address these issues/concerns, and consequently make contributions back to the society. 


Collaborative Learning and Building Resilience! A weekly school-wide activity-packed programme led by the House System that aims to strengthen bonding among students and teachers leading to greater sense of affiliation to the school. All Westwoodians come together in their Houses and engage actively in a wide variety of team activities ranging from physical games such as Frisbee, Captain’s Ball, Vertical Run to non-physical activities such as Community Service, Cheerleading and Aesthetics performances.  


Rooted in Character and Skills! A school platform carefully designed to deliver values-based education in Westwood where every student has the opportunity to engage in collaborative learning and in-depth values based discussion on the issues covered during In-Touch sessions. Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons, including Education and Career Guidance, Cyber Wellness and Sexuality Education, as well as school-based CCE programmes are carefully designed and delivered through this platform where the learning process, which is facilitated by teachers, allows students to experience and internalise good values and skills, and develop competencies that are critical to character and citizenship development.