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School Rules

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Discipline is the cornerstone on which a positive school for teaching and learning is built.  Westwood adopts a whole-school approach to discipline and views student discipline from a holistic and developmental perspective that goes beyond rules and consequences. Discipline in Westwood is an educative process where we aim to instill self-discipline and good character in our students. We also focus on the teaching of Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies such as self-management, self-awareness and responsible decision making.  This is to build a community that promotes positive student behaviors and relationships in support of their learning and growth.

Responsibility of every Westwoodian

  • Treat others as you would wish them to treat you – with politeness, respect and consideration
  • Take advantage of opportunities offered and learn to the best of your ability
  • Contribute to a clean, safe and positive environment that facilitates teaching, learning and personal development
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and grooming at all times
  • Uphold the name of Westwood

School Rules and Regulation

Rules and regulations help students understand what constitutes acceptable personal and social behavior. Besides learning, the school is also a community where respectful and caring relationships are formed and nurtured.

Click here for the School Rules & Regulation. 

student e-handbook

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