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Principal's Message

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Westwood Secondary School is a very good school. We strive to meet the needs of our students and stakeholders, equipping them with the skills, competencies and values that will prepare them to meet the challenges of the future. 

Every Westwoodian is special to the school regardless of their background, abilities and needs. They are appreciated for who they are and the potential they possess. We will provide them with a wide range of opportunities to learn, exercise leadership, innovate and be creative and daring to take on new challenges. We seek to further hone their confidence and maximize their potential and instil in them the sense of possibilities when faced with uncertainties. 

At Westwood Secondary School, our programmes are designed to bring about the learning and real world experiences that our students can relate to, with the intended outcomes of imbuing in them with an International Outlook, to be risk takers, have the courage to be different and to be socially responsible. This experience that we endeavour to provide for Westwoodians anchors on our belief that success comes from having quality relationships among all stakeholders, a strong relationship that binds us together that allows us to strive to give our best in all that we do. We seek to engage all Westwoodians in learning and development, in meaningful activities and programmes, in quality conversations so that we are always involved in self and school improvement. 

I have had the privilege to witness dedicated Westwood staff engaging students in learning and values inculcation through their actions and words. I have seen teaching and non-teaching staff supporting one another in engaging students meet their needs. I have received news of students’ stellar achievements in both the academic and non-academic areas indicating to me that the school has strong and dedicated staff capable of guiding their students to achieve their aspirations. 

Westwood Secondary School has an environment and culture where every Westwoodian will find rejuvenation, uplift and energy, where they are well loved and supported to give their very best. We respect each other and work together as a team to contribute positively for the greater good of the Westwoodian family and community. This is the experience that we would want to create in the school and with this experience, I am confident that we will always be Rooted in Character and Skills to Soar for the Nation.

My greatest challenge will be to build a strong school culture and to maximise the learning opportunities that the school and its resources offer for I believe good schools are ones with strong spirit and culture where its population strive to be the best that they can be.

I invite all Westwoodians, past and present to join me in this journey of making this school a great place to learn and grow.

Abdul Harris Sumardi