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Direct School Admission

Westwood Secondary School warmly welcomes applications from Primary 6 students through the 2022 Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise for admission to Secondary One in 2023.  We welcome Primary 6 students who have passion and talents in one of the following areas:

Westwood Distinctive Programmes
Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (ISE)
Arts for Life!
AboutA school-wide programme in Westwood, ISE involves explicit teaching of skills and knowledge with close connection to real life experiences.  It advocates the importance of putting application into practice, highlighting the relevance of what is taught in the classroom in the ‘real world’, giving students a sense of purpose and reality in what they are learning, touching their HEARTs and HEADs and active participation through their HANDs. The ultimate aim is to develop and inspire Westwoodians to be future-ready learners who possess strong ENTREPRENEURIAL DARE and an INNOVATIVE MINDSET through the application of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


By nurturing creative excellence, Westwood aims to build a vibrant arts culture where students are confident and passionate through showcasing their talents. We also hope to inspire Westwoodians to connect with the communities through arts, and thus cultivates a lifelong appreciation for the Arts.

Westwood’s "Arts for Life!" Programme for DSA 2022 covers the following specific art forms:

  • Concert Band
  • Show Choir
  • Dance - International (Hip Hop)
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • 2D & 3D studies / ceramics / drawing / painting



  • Advanced training and development in innovation and social entrepreneurship through the application of STEM
  • Represent the school in national / international ISE / entrepreneurship-related competitions including those with emphasis on application of STEM 
  • Participate in mentoring programmes by industry practitioners and/or young entrepreneurs 
  • Exposure to programmes offered by Institute of Higher Learning in related fields
  • Participate in public showcasing / exhibitions and / or performance OR represent the school in external competitions related to visual arts and / or performing arts at least once per year
  • Selected to be trained with the Seniors
  • Selected to train the juniors
  • Selected to attend master / advance classes and / or mentoring programmes when ready

Desired Outcomes
Through 3-4 years of active participation in the opportunities and experiences provided by the school, Westwood’s DSA students will become active citizens who are passionate about making a difference to society and/or bringing Arts to the community, and who have the skills and aptitude to create that impact.  
Selection Criteria
  • Willingness to try and experiment with new ideas and/or new ways of doing things
  • Strong ability to work in teams
  • Good communication and presentation skills  
  • Interest in the application of STEM (Background in coding will be an advantage)
  • Good character report (eg. conduct and remarks in school report book)
  • Have achieved at least one of the following:
    • Minimum 1 year of participation in the specified art form in his/her primary school or external agencies
    • Attained good achievements or standards in the specified art form, eg. at local / national competitions such as Singapore Youth Festival or qualifications such as ABRSM in the specified art form
    • Prior experience in leading, competing or performing at local or international competitions / performances involving the specified art form
  • Good character report (eg. conduct and remarks in school report book)
Note: Students who are selected based on their talents relevant to a particular aesthetics CCA are expected to join the CCA throughout their 4 or 5-years education in Westwood